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The Mindful Oat

Organic Oat Milk Powder (Unsweetened Original)

Organic Oat Milk Powder (Unsweetened Original)

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Oat milk powder? It's ab-oat time!

Simple ingredients, simple steps, and simply delicious. 

Introducing, The Mindful Oat organic oat milk powder. Simply mix with water to make oat milk or add directly to your beverage, baking, or cooking and enjoy!

Containing only clean ingredients and no additives or oil, this naturally sweet organic oat milk is sure to become a daily staple. 

Never run out of oat milk again. Keep a pouch of this shelf-stable organic oat milk powder in your pantry for instant oat milk whenever you need.

Organic Oat Milk Powder Benefits

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Customer Reviews

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Karen Forest
Oat milk

I like your oat milk, and ask you to print the 'best before' date on the packages, or even better: a notice before we order, what the BB date will be for the batch ordered. It was helpful to know from your communications what that date was for the last order.

Karen Forest

I like to take the Mindful Oat when I travel; it's so convenient for coffee in the morning. And it has none of the oils I don't need. Brilliant idea!

Great product!

I regularly drink oat milk and found this as good as any brand I've used even though it's powdered. I bought it to try for bike touring and am definitely adding this to my food list. As expected it does separate when it's sitting in the fridge but a good shake and it mixes again (I made 2 cups at a time in a mason jar).

Marie Blanche
Update from my previous review

I just made 3 cups of the oat milk for a recipe, i thought it tasted quite amazing on its own, dissolved beautifully in the water, and the recipe turned out brilliantly.

Maria Gallo
Great in a pinch and for travelling

The flavour was good but after mixing in my tea after a few minutes all the powder settled at the bottom. I would still use it for travelling but if I knew how to prevent a mass sitting at the bottom it would make the experience much better.